Atrocious Headline From Fox News

An atrocious headline from Fox News reads, “Obama Calls Libyan President to Thank Him After US Ambassador Murdered,”  presumably trying to imply that Obama thanked the Libyan President for the murder of ambassador Chris Stevens. If not that, the headline at the very least unfairly paints our President as weak and clueless.

Needlessly to say, that’s simply not true.

I’m not going to waste any more time with this atrocious headline.

And the fact that Fox News is as popular as it is deeply troubles me.



About newsskeptic

I’ve been a reporter for over 19 years; Traveled to some places, worked with some great people and broke some great stories. But over the 19 years, I’ve also watched the commoditization of news and the slow, steady degradation of journalism. What used to be quality journalism has now turned into machinery, with questionable practices and agendas. In a lot of news organizations nowadays, I don’t even think it’s journalists that run the show anymore. I hope to shed some light on these issues with this blog. I invite any and all like-minded individuals to join me in this endeavor.

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