Don’t Trust The Washington Times And UPI

I wouldn’t exactly call the Washington Times and UPI enigmatic (like MNI, see my first post).

But they’re owned by organizations associated with the Unification Church (Moonies). So why would anyone trust them as objective news organizations?

And I’m not the only one. When the Moon-affiliated News World Communications bought UPI in 2000, long-time reporter Helen Thomas quit the organization after 57 years of service, saying, “It was a bridge too far.” Understatement of the century from Ms. Thomas!

UPI’s coverage of Moon’s death last week was atrocious.

Their article did not mention at all the fact that he essentially started a new religious movement and was a self-proclaimed Messiah. No mention of his tax evasion conviction in the U.S. No mention of the first wife he divorced.

In fact, save for references to mass weddings and his business interests, there was no mention of any of Moon’s controversies. This wanton disregard for basic journalism ethics is atrocious.

Compare the New York Times’ article on Moon’s death with the UPI one. It’s blatantly obviously who we should trust and who we should not.

Moon himself admitted that his church has given at least $1 billion in subsidies to The Washington Times. I can’t be the only one who finds that extremely disturbing. And I wonder how much money his church has poured into UPI.

I wonder what sinister motives the Moonies could possibly have for these media organizations.

Thankfully, it’s pretty well-known that the Unification Church is behind the Washington Times and UPI. But still, if anyone has any  interesting information on them, drop me an email at  It never hurts to know more about these people and the organizations they control.



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I’ve been a reporter for over 19 years; Traveled to some places, worked with some great people and broke some great stories. But over the 19 years, I’ve also watched the commoditization of news and the slow, steady degradation of journalism. What used to be quality journalism has now turned into machinery, with questionable practices and agendas. In a lot of news organizations nowadays, I don’t even think it’s journalists that run the show anymore. I hope to shed some light on these issues with this blog. I invite any and all like-minded individuals to join me in this endeavor.

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