Weighing In On The Kate Middleton Topless Photos Tragedy

There’s no excuse. No justification. It’s simply naked greed and the wanton disregard of privacy and journalism ethics.

Was Kate Middleton in a public place? No. Did she do anything wrong or newsworthy? No. So should those photos have been published? The answer is a resounding “no.”

I have mixed feelings about intense media coverage of this misdeed. While I do think someone should point out that it’s wrong, I also think the media shouldn’t dignify it with too much attention.

People forget that journalism isn’t just about money. It’s a public service. It’s the foundation of a good democracy.

Look, I don’t expect entertainment magazines to serve the public like the Washington Post and the New York Times do. But they should at least adhere to some basic journalism and privacy ethics.

But all that the French magazine seems to care about is notoriety and making a quick buck. And frankly, I’m disappointed in the people who read that trashy stuff, and thereby implicitly supporting the publications that run them.


About newsskeptic

I’ve been a reporter for over 19 years; Traveled to some places, worked with some great people and broke some great stories. But over the 19 years, I’ve also watched the commoditization of news and the slow, steady degradation of journalism. What used to be quality journalism has now turned into machinery, with questionable practices and agendas. In a lot of news organizations nowadays, I don’t even think it’s journalists that run the show anymore. I hope to shed some light on these issues with this blog. I invite any and all like-minded individuals to join me in this endeavor.

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