Quartz Won’t Be The Future Of Journalism

Today, Atlantic Media launched Quartz, an online-only business publication, with much fanfare and excitement.

Quartz flashed buzzwords like “obsessions” and “openness.” Oh, and it’s specifically designed with fancy, newfangled devices like the iPad and smartphones in mind.

Too bad a focus on these buzzwords won’t work, in my opinion.

Journalism always was and always will be about delivering news with objectivity, accuracy and speed. It’s the same as it was 100 years ago. That’s the “secret” to the success of publications like the New York Times.

If Quartz doesn’t emphasis real journalism, no amount of “obsessions” and “openness” will help them.




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About newsskeptic

I’ve been a reporter for over 19 years; Traveled to some places, worked with some great people and broke some great stories. But over the 19 years, I’ve also watched the commoditization of news and the slow, steady degradation of journalism. What used to be quality journalism has now turned into machinery, with questionable practices and agendas. In a lot of news organizations nowadays, I don’t even think it’s journalists that run the show anymore. I hope to shed some light on these issues with this blog. I invite any and all like-minded individuals to join me in this endeavor.

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