The Mysterious RTTNews

RTTNews is a “news” organization that doesn’t even list its physical address on its website.

On its contact us page, it just lists an email address ( and a New York State phone number (716-632-3400).

There’s simply no savory explanation as to why that is, in my opinion.

Also, there’s no information on RTTNews’ history. What’s more, I didn’t find a single name listed about the people running it.

Poking around on LinkedIn, I found a person, one Ravi Mariathasan, who claims to have co-founded RTTNews in 2000.

From 1992 to 1997, Mariathasan says he received a BA in Electrical Engineering and MS in Biomedical Engineering. There’s nothing about what he did from 1998 to 1999.

So in January of 2000, he just starts a news organization? What does engineering have to do with journalism?!

More concerns about RTTNews.

NONE of the articles seem to have bylines. Even their columns have no bylines or are written by “RTT Staff Writer.”

And what’s up with RTTNews being denied accessed to the Department of Labor’s advance jobs report briefing, as reported by CNBC?

I don’t know who is behind RTTNews and what their goal is, but my gut tells me something is wrong.

If you know anything about this organization, please send me an email at For those who sent me tips last week, I’m going to need some time to do more research and fact-checking before I publish anything. But keep ’em coming!



About newsskeptic

I’ve been a reporter for over 19 years; Traveled to some places, worked with some great people and broke some great stories. But over the 19 years, I’ve also watched the commoditization of news and the slow, steady degradation of journalism. What used to be quality journalism has now turned into machinery, with questionable practices and agendas. In a lot of news organizations nowadays, I don’t even think it’s journalists that run the show anymore. I hope to shed some light on these issues with this blog. I invite any and all like-minded individuals to join me in this endeavor.

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